There are so many other incidents where Huzoor Mufti-e-Azam (radi Allahu anhu) displayed his steadfastness in Shariat. It is very difficult to explain every one of them in this brief document, but the evidence of this can be seen in the verdicts issued by him in his distinguished Fatawa-e-Mustafawiyah.

A few queries and answers from Fatawa-e-Mustafawiyah are being presented for better

understanding of his knowledge, wisdom and steadfastness.

* A few of His Verdicts From Fatawa-e-Mustafawiyah *


Zaid says that the Hindus prostrate (make sajdah) to idols and we go to Kaaba and prostrate to a stone. He further says that Hindus put water and flowers etc. on their idols and they say that it will reach Maha Dev (their so-called deity) and we go to Kaaba and throw stones and say that shaitaan feels the pain. He asks what then is the difference between us and them?
Please present me with such an answer that I too will be fully satisfied.


This person should make tauba (repent) very quickly. No Muslim makes sajdah to the Kaaba. Facing only the direction of the Kaaba, we make Sajdah to Almighty Allah and the Kaafirs make sajdah to their idols.

They worship their idols as deities.

To say that the Muslims go to Kaaba and make sajdah to a stone is to falsely accuse Muslims.

Just as you make your Sajdah facing the Direction of Qibla when you are far away from the Kaaba, even when you go there, you face the same direction of Qibla.The only difference is that you are at the actual Qibla. No matter where ever one makes sajdah, it is for Allah only.

Can one with even the least intelligence say that when we are praying Namaaz in any other mosque we are making sajdah to the walls of the mosque or if we are praying Namaaz in our homes, then we are making to the walls of our homes.

To say that the direction of sajdah to be what sajdah is being made for, is to reject the reality of Islam and Kufr and this, is such a wrong thing to do.

(Wa Laa howla wa laa Quwwata illa billah)

That person who made these statements must repent (make tauba).

The Muslims make Rami of Jamraat (pelt the pillars where shaitaan tried to interfere with Hazrat Ibraheem (alaihis salaam)

and this is only to follow the manner prescribed.

There is wisdom in every command of the Wise. Man often does that which is

commanded to him by those he has faith in, without knowing the wisdom behind it.

He knows and understands that due to his ignorance and simplicity, he does not recognise the real benefit in doing such action.

However, there is always some benefit in it.

Then what can be said about Allah, who is All Knowing. There is no questioning His command and His authority.

It is Muhaal (Totally impossible) that He will command you to do that which has a weakness in it.

There is no doubt that there is benefit in that which He has commanded.

None of us says that when we throw the stones, it strikes shaitaan on its body.

We only throw the stones to follow the command and duplicate the action of Hazrat Ibrahim alaihis salaam during the instance when shaitaan tried to be an obstacle in his way and Almighty Allah commanded him to pelt shaitaan with stones, so that he may become disillusioned.

We too follow the manner of Hazrat Khaleelullah alaihis salaam when we are there.

To throw stones towards anyone is definitely with the intention of trying to hurt him. If you intend to chase someone away, then too you would throw stones at him, and he would usually run away even if one stone does not hit him. Does a monkey or crow not

run (take flight) when they are hit by stones? Sometimes the intention of chasing them only depends on showing one's intent.

Sometimes when wanting to chase a monkey or crow etc. all that one needs to do, is bend over as if picking a stone and then use a throwing action even though one has no stones in one’s hand. This action alone is enough on certain occasions to chase something away.

We must realise that it is at the same point that the cursed enemy of Allah (Shaitaan) tried to lead Hazrat Ibrahim (alaihis salaam) astray here.

Where then will he leave us?
He is all the time behind us trying to mislead us.

The same treatment should be then used here, which was used by Hazrat Ibrahim (alaihis salaam).

By following the way of Ibrahim (alaihis salaam) we will receive barkat and that curse shaitaan will flee.
Even though not a single stone of Hazrat Ibrahim alaihis salaam went without hitting its target and ours misses the target, but when there is a flurry of stones raining over shaitaan, then he will not wait there, but he will flee.

This will thus fulfill the idea of having shaitaan belittled. If one makes the picture of a person and throws stones at the picture and strikes it with his shoes, the person whose picture it is will definitely feels hurt to see such a thing even though he is not being hit directly on his body, but only his picture is being hit. Thus, to hurt shaitaans feelings deeply, we throw stones at him in the places where Ibrahim alaihis salaam had pelted him.

Now, not to realise the difference between this and that baseless action of the kuffaar is definitely a bad thing. How can such a person say that to put water and flowers over an

idol equal to the issue of shaitaan being pelted?
For the heart to feel pain is not necessary that the body has to be struck.


@ An Excerpt from:
Translated by: Allama Afthab Cassim Razvi Noori
Mushahid Razvi
Mushahid Razvi

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