Saturday, 15 December 2012

How to Perform Wuzu And Namaz

How to Perform Wuzu And Namaz 

Posted By : Mushahid Razvi


Q) What is the process called when one washes their hands, face, feet and pass water over their hair?
A) This process is called WUZU (Ablution)

Q) What is the purpose of Wuzu?
A) The purpose of Wuzu is to ensure that you clean all parts mentioned, and it is important that you get plenty of water over the parts that you are washing.

Q) If a part of your body that you are washing whilst doing Wuzu gets wet, but water does not drip from that, then does that Wuzu count?

A) No, if this happens Wuzu will not count. As well as wetting certain parts of your body (which have been mentioned) water must drip from those parts.

Q) How is Wuzu performed?

A) Wuzu is performed in the following way:

I) Pray Bismillah then perform Miswak (a five inch wooden stick) by rubbing over your teeth if this is not available then use your index finger.

ii) Wash both hands up to your wrists three times (first right then left)

Then perform a gargle by washing your mouth out three times (using your right hand).

iv) Then pass water into your nose with your left hand little finger in right nostril and left hand thumb in left nostril, this is done three times.

v) Wash your face thoroughly by gathering water in both your palms (form a cup) and start at top of your forehead where hair starts, and wash the whole face up to the bottom of your chin; this is also done three times.

vi) Wash your right arm up to and including your elbow, and ensure water passes through your fingers and pass your arms and not the other way round. Perform three times and do same to your left arm three times.

vii) Perform Masah (wiping) by wetting your fingers on both hands and then using three fingers (small, next and middle) on the both hands rub over your hair from forehead to back of neck. Use your index finger in each hand to clean your ears (right finger to clean right ear and left finger to clean the left ear). Use your thumbs to clean back of your ears. Clean each side of your neck by passing the back of your hand over it. This Masah is only done ONCE.

ix) Wash you feet upto and including the ankles making sure that water passes every gap between your toes. Perform this three times with the right foot first and then the left foot.

x) Look up to the sky and pray ASHHADUAN LA’ILA HA ILLALLAHO MUHAMMAD-DUR’RASOOLULLAH and Surah lnna Anzalna.


Q) What is the best from of worshIp?

A) Namaz (Salah) is the best form of worship.

Q) What is Namaz (Salat)?

A) Namaz (Salat) is a form of worshiping Allah Almighty which is performed a certain way. A person praying Namaz stands facing the Qibla (Holy Ka’aba), they recite verses from the Holy Quran and bow down before Allah. They praise Allah, and they pray Durood (blessings) upon our Holy Prophet.

Q) How many times a day do we pray Namaz?

A) Namaz is prayed five times a day.

Q) What are the names for these five Namaz?

A) Fajr, Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha.

Q) When is the Fajr Namaz prayed?

A) From the break of dawn until the beginning of sunrise

Q) When Zohr Namaz prayed?

A) Zohr Namaz is prayed from after midday until the beginning time of Asr Namaz.

Q) When is Asr Namaz prayed?

A) Asr Namaz is prayed from late-afternoon until sunset.

Q) When is Maghrib Namaz prayed?

A) Maghrib Namaz is prayed from sunset, upto a maximum of One and Quarter hours.

Q) When is Isha Namaz prayed?

A) Isha Namaz is prayed after Maghrib time has lapsed upto the beginning of Fajr time.