Islamic Rules and Manners for Children

Islamic Rules and Manners for Children

Posted By :Mushahid Razvi

Children should greatly respect their Parents and follow their orders (within Islamic Law).

Should greatly respect Islamic Teachers and Scholars
Should greatly respect the Qur'an. It's HARAM to touch the Qur'an without Wuzu. Should respect Islamic books and literature too.
Should greatly respect the direction of the Qibla. It's prohibited to extend ones feet towards the Qibla and to sleep whilst the feet are extended towards the Qibla.

Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) should be respected and loved more than anyone in the world. Whenever we hear his lovely name always say Durood, at least say Sallal Laho Alaihi Wasalam.

Azan should be lestened to with great concentration and should be answered (repeating the words after every sentence). It is prohibited (not allowed) to talk during Azan.

Should be quiet when performing Wudu and should avoid talking. Should recite Dua or Dorood during Wudu.

Should eat only Halal food. Should never ever eat Haram food.

Should recite part of the Qur'an every day.

Must pray five times a day, on time.

Should avoid every bad conversation and every bad habit like smoking

Never use drugs or drink Alchohol.
It is a great sin to dance, to listen to music or to sing songs..

Always avoid Lies, Back Biting and Tale Bearing.

Always keep your body, clothes and home clean.

There is no greater deed than to Learn and Teach Islamic Knowledge. Should never be   ashamed of asking any Islamic Question. 
Should always treat everyone with great respect and manners.     
Always say Thank you or JazakAllah when one does you a favour.

It is bad manners to extend your feet towards elders.

Should always respect elderly people.

1) Always pray five times Namaz daily, Never look here and there when praying Namaz, pray slowly, never pray quickly.

2) Pray the Qur'an Sharif daily, treat the Holy Qur'an with respect, never sit in a higher place than the Quran.

3) Listen to what your Parents tell you; never do anything to upset them.

4) Respect your teacher. Your teacher is in one sense ranked higher than your parents. He teaches you about life and Islam and the differences between right and wrong.

5) Never eat whilst you are walking and cover your head whilst eating. Before you eat you should always say Bismillah Sharif; you should not eat without first washing your hands. Always eat with your right hand, never with your left hand. Don’t make noises with your mouth when eating. Do not drink milk when eating fish. After eating pray dua to thank Allah.

6) Always drink, water, tea etc, with your right hand. Always drink Zam-Zam water and water left from wudu standing up. You must not drink anything else standing up, it is wrong. After drinking say Allahmdulillah.
Mushahid Razvi
Mushahid Razvi

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