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Huzoor Hafiz-E-Millat In Short

Huzoor Hafiz-E-Millat In Short

Hazrat Hafiz-e-Millat Alaihi Rahma was born in Bhojpur, in Muradabad (Uttar Pradesh,India, on a Monday in the year 1894 CE. He was born into a poor but respected household. His father Hafiz Ghulam Nur, was pious, religious & a follower of the Sunnah. He named his son after Hazrat Shah Abdul Aziz Muhaddith Dehlwi Alaihi Rahma. His name is Abdul Azeez; kunya Abu'l Fayd & well known titles are Ustaad al-Ulama, Jalalat al-Ilm & Hafiz-e-Millat.

He completed his education at the hands of Hazrat Sadr Al Shar'iah Maulana Amjad Ali [author of "Bahar-e-Shari'at"] & graduated from Darul Uloom Manzar al-Islam in 1351 AH. He was granted Khilafah & Ijazah by Mawlana Sayyid Ali Husain Ashrafi Miyan & Hazrat Sadr Al Shar'iah (Alaihimur Rahmah).

He received his initial education from his father & in a local school in Bhojpur. He completed his memorisation of The Holy Qur'an under the guidance of his father. After receiving preliminary education in Urdu & Persian, he enrolled at Jamia NA'eemiya in Muradabad & stayed there for 3 years. His thirst for knowledge reached a pinnacle. He was searching for a new teacer & coincidentally, his search led him to Hazrat Sadr Al Shari'ah. He arrived at Madrasa Mu'eeniyah, in Ajmer in 1342 A.H.

The teaching of various books was shared by the teachers. Utmost effort & hard work was Hazrat Hafiz-e-Millat's motto & he completed the whole Dars-e-Nizami syllabus. His exam was taken which included a written & verbal test. Hazrat Hafiz-e-Millat Alaihi Rahma answered the questions with such brilliance that the examiner closed the book & stated that he would not examine him any further as his competence had reached a zenith.

He completed his studies of Hadith in Ajmer Sharief at the hands of Hazrat Sadr Al Shar'ah but due to some reasons, his graduation ceremony did not take place. He received his certificate of graduation in Bareilly Sharief in 1351 AH.

During the month of Shabaan in 1352 AH, Hazrat Sadr Al Shari'ah (Alaihi Rahmah) summoned Hafiz-e-Millat (Alaihi Rahmah) to Bareilly Shareef & said that because he ( Sadr Al Shari'ah) had spent so much time away from his home district of Aazamgarh, it has become corrupted. Hence, he wanted Hazrat Hafiz-e-Millat (Alaihir Rahmah) to take up a teaching post at Madrasa Ashrafiya Misbahul Uloom. Hafiz-e-Millat (Alaihir Rahmah) replied, "When did I ask you to work? You will not be working; rather, your will be serving the religion. Do not look at what you will get." The student accepted the instruction of his benevolent teacher. History is witness that Hafiz-e-Millat (Alaihir Rahmah) accepted a monthly salary of Rs.35 whereas he was offered Rs.100 in Agra & Rs500 in Calcutta.

On 29th Shawwal, 1353 AH (January 1934) he was appointed as the head teacher at Madrasa Ashrafiya Misbahul Uloom.


From being an empty Madrasa, students began to flock from far & wide & in a short period, Indian & international students came to participate in the lessons of Hafiz-e-Millat (Alaihir Rahmah). Eleven months later in Shawwal 1353 A.H., the foundation of Darul Uloom Ashrafiya Misbahul Uloom was laid under his instruction. The first brick was laid jointly by Mawlana Sayyid Ali Husain Ashrafi Miyan & Sadr Al Shari'ah (Alaihmur Rahmah). Soon, this building reached capacity. Therefore, a plot of land outside Mubarakpur was purchased for this institute of knowledge & in May 1972 he inauguration ceremony of Al-Jamiat Al-Ashrafia was celebrated & work began swiftly. Huzoor Mufti-e-Azam Hind, Hazrat Mawlana Mustafa RAza Khan (Alaihir Rahmah) was at one stage also involved in the foundation laying of this great institute. Only a year in, teaching began at the new site. It was Hafiz-e-Millat's (Alaihir Rahmah) greatest wish that instead of serving just India, the institute should serve the whole world.

Hafiz-e-Millat (Alaihi Rahmah) once said that it his desire that his Madrasa will cater for branches of Islamic knowledge & sciences regardless but he also wants graduatesto have such a strong grounding in Arabic & even English language & be of such a high competency that they could perform their duties of tableegh & spreading knowledge in any part of the world.


Apart from services rendered in building Islamic institutes, written works wre also amongst his efforts. Many a time he would exclaim that in the beginning, he wrote extensively but due to engagements in teaching, he had little time left for writing. Nevertheless, he still managed to produce the following works :

- Ma'rif-e-Hadith
- Irshad al-Quran
- Al-Irshad
- Anba' al-Ghayb
- Al-Misb al-Jadid
- Firqa-e-Na'jiya
- Fatawa Azeeziya
- Hashiya Sharh Mishkaat

Aprat from this, the launch of the monthly Ashrafiya is his major contribution to literature. The periodical is still in circulation. The number of student that he has left are so many that there are more of them serving in educational establishments around the world than anyone else's students.


On Monday, 1st Jamadi-al-Akhir, 1396 A.H (31 May 1976), he gave his lesson of Sahih al-Bukhari. He taught from Kitab al-Jana'iz & lectured on the topic of death. During the lecture, he mentioned that todday is Monday & this is the day that Sayyiduna RasoolAllah (Sallalahu Alaihi Wassalam) was born & the day he left this world. On the night of the 31 May 1976 at 11:55pm, this mountain of Knowledge left this world. Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Illayhi Raji'un.

Hs life was a shining book of the Shari'ah by following which people learned the rules of life & the mode of living. In 1976, he performed Hajj without having a photograph taken due to his compliance with the Shari'ah. He spent eleven days in Madinah Munawwarah & was blessed in the court of the beloved with inward & outward branches of knowledge during this short period. Performing Hajj without a photograph is nothing less than a miracle.

Al-Jamiat Al-Ashrafia is not just an institute; rather it is a major university of the sub-continent. It is a flag bearer if truth, a memoir of the akabir scholars, a guardian of the Hanafi Madhab & the teachingss of Imam Ahmad Raza (Alaihi ahmah), the heartbeat of millions of Muslims, the shield of Islam, an unsheathed sword against the enemies of Islam, the life mission of Hazrat Hafiz-e-Millat (Alaihi Rahmah), his final wish & the result of 40 years of his sacrifices & those of the Muslims of Mubarakpur & an Islamic fortress that will produce scholars that will wave the flag of Islam in the face of faslehood till the final day.

Al-Jamiat al-Ashrafia has made Mubarakpur into a unique centre of knowledge. Every year, a team of Huffaz, Qurra & scholars leaves here as an army that is ready for the opponents of Islam. This magnificent university is another name for Hafiz-e-Millat's (Alaihi Rahmah) sincerity. This torch of knowledge & science is indeed a Masbahul al-Uloom & in 1972, it was renamed Al-Jamiat Al-Ashrafia after being known as Dar al-Uloom Ahle Sunnat Madrasa Ashrafiya Misbahul al-Uloom.

Graduates of the insitute are spread far & wide from Asia to Europe serving the religion. Graduates affiliated with Al-Jamiat Al-Ashrafia attach Misbahi to their names to introduce themselves.

May Allah Ta'ala grand Hazrat Hafiz-e-Millat (Alaihi Rahmah) the higher stages of Jannatul Firdous & inspire the Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat to follow in his footsteps. Aameen