جمعرات، 15 جون، 2017

21th Ramzanul Mubarak Hazrat Ali Al Murtaza Radi Allaho Anho

Gems of Wisdom by Hazrat Ali Radiallahoanho
    To meet somebody with gaiety and cheerfulness is the first act of a good deed.
    It is also an act of prayer to ponder over the work of nature.
    To have suspicion in one’s belief is equivalent to polytheism.
    Improper modesty is the course of misfortune. Very few people are convincing company.
    Showing appreciation is the reason for receiving Divine blessings, and ungratefulness is the reason for receiving difficulties or hardship.
    Respect is from amongst the excellent of marvels and charity is from amongst the most excellent forms of worship.
    Death is an uninvited companion.
    In every second are hidden difficulties.
    To be victorious over your worship is an excellent feat.
    An intelligent person lowers himself to attain a high status while a foolish person raises his status thereby disgracing himself.
    Intelligence falls into 2 categories: Natural disposition and adaptation.There is no benefit from accommodated intelligence without the intelligence of natural disposition: for example sunlight is useless to one who cannot see.
    Friendship is a relationship proficient from birth.
    To be ashamed of ones sins augment ones eyes, to be proud of ones good deeds destroys ones eyes.
    The companion that destroys worship, his desires and extensive worship for one day is the enemy of the soul.
    An intelligent person always remains sad and remorseful.
    In idleness one is reminded of gallantry.
    To combine charity with obligation is wickedness.
    To speak ill of an open sinner is not backbiting.
    A persons true worth is hidden under his tongue.
    To forgive is the best form of revenge.
    A wise person is he who due to his previous experiences goes about doing things a different way.
    Even though there is fear in speaking the truth, yet in it is salvation. Though it is simple to lie yet in it is definitely destruction.
    Restlessness combined with patience is definitely more inconvenient.
    A poor person is he who has no friends.
    Knowledge with practise is liberating and practise without sincerity is useless.
    Poverty, whom many people feel ashamed of, is better than that wealth which leads to sins and wrong doings making a person face dishonour and disgrace.
    There is never a shortage of experiences and an intelligent person is he who progresses by it.
    To fear difficulties is a strange condition of adversities.
    To forgive easily is supreme respectability and to be vengeful is extreme meanness.
    The recognition of a respectable person is when anyone is generous then he too treats that person with generosity and if anyone is meek towards him then he too becomes docile, and a wicked person is that person, when approached with submission then he treats that person with generosity and if he is approached with generosity the he becomes negligent.
    The reason the ‘Ulama are poor and helpless is, because the ignorant are plenty who do not understand their value.
    For a criminal to plead guilty is the best form of amnesty or intercession.
    An intelligent person when remaining silent ponders about the Almighty SubHanuhu wa Ta'ala and His creation, and wherever he looks, he learns a lesson from around him.
    Distant hopes (for some act/deed done) and sincerity of action does not go hand in hand.
    Impatience cannot erase what had been ordained by Allah SubHanuhu wa Ta'ala but it destroys your rewards.
    Greed does not increase ones sustenance rather it decreases ones respect among the people.
    You cannot live without women although they are from the mischiefs of evil.
    A person would remain in whatever condition he chooses.
    An evil person does not behave well towards others because he regards them similar in character as himself.
    Knowledge is better than wealth, because knowledge protects you while you protect wealth.
    Weigh down the Scales of Good deeds with charity
    A person though being underprivileged continues to do pious acts, should be encouraged to keep his strength to continue that good act.(i.e. we should assist in improving his circumstances so that he can continue doing good)
    Respect is gained through good behaviour and wisdom and not through wealth or family ties.
    Another form of persevering with patience is to control ones nafs (desires).
    Majority of the time a persons hasty and rash decisions leads him to regret his actions, and if he does not become regretful then understand this; his lunacy becomes established.
    Remove the evil from ones own heart first before you endeavour to remove the evils from anothers.
    Whosoever forgets Almighty Allah SubHanuhu wa Ta'ala then Almighty Allah SubHanuhu wa Ta'ala makes that person to even forget his most beloved.
    Whosoever makes an effort to seek the faults of others he will ultimately find a fault.
    The more greed you find in a person the lesser he trusts in Almighty Allah SubHanuhu wa Ta'ala.
    This World is a corpse. Indirectly, people become kinsmen. Kinsmen in its greed to obtain its wealth, thus not even halting to destroy one another.
    Every person draws his opinions from the type of experiences he has.
    Ask your heart about the condition of friendship because it is such a witness that does not accept a bribe.
    As long as any speech is locked away in the mouth, then you are its owner. When it leaves your mouth then from that point onwards it owns you.
    To redress the time that you have squandered in your youth in your old age becomes nothing short of an accomplishment.
    Learn from him who is more knowledgeable than you and teach him, who lacks knowledge, from what you know.
    To spend time pondering and seeking advice is similar to be in quest of a counsellor’s guidance.
    It is an astonishment that a person who has no control over his destiny continues to uplift and pursue his wishes.
    A miser leads a lifestyle of the poor in this World because he is afraid to spend his wealth, yet he would have to give account with the wealthy in the Hereafter and face the same punishment.
    Safeguard yourself from having very high expectations because the joy received from the gifts of Allah SubHanuhu wa Ta'ala are driven away. It diminishes its value in your eyes, making you ungrateful and thankless.
    It is extreme wretchedness to keep the company of unpleasant people and to ill-treat your own.
    Only that amount from your possessions are for you alone which you have sent ahead of you to the Hereafter the balance of that wealth which you have left, in this World belongs to your heirs.
    Shariah (Islamic Law) have drawn your attention towards illustrious counselling for only one reason and that is, the advisers’ opinion is entirely pure and the person seeking advice, his opinion is mixed with desire.
    If you come to a person’s assistance then keep secret about it and if anyone came to your assistance then make it evident.
    That person who affords the creation of Allah SubHanuhu wa Ta'ala their dues then he would also afford his dues to Almighty Allah SubHanuhu wa Ta'ala.
    The person who listens to backbiting is an accomplice to backbiting and the one who does evil deeds, he definitely is negligent.
    If only the people of this World had complete knowledge then today’s business and its present condition would be deranged.
    Sometimes everything goes so well and sometimes even with all the assistance the job still remains incomplete.
    Sometimes grave damage is caused by good news and sometimes good comes out of a bad venture.
    O! World –whoever is not aware of your treachery and is not disgusted with your acquaintance then though he many be alive yet he is dead and should be mourned.
    The extreme of modesty is when a person is modest of himself also.
    How can anybody bring a person back on the correct track when that person chooses to remain on the wrong track.
    An idiot’s wisdom is behind while an intelligent persons tongue is behind his wisdom.
    The beauty of a gift is this that whatever has to be given should be given quickly and it should not be kept waiting in anticipation.
    Women, Intelligent and lesson seeking people can be lectured to, but the immature would gain no benefit from it.
    That person who does contrary to the truth, then Almighty Allah SubHanuhu wa Ta'ala himself opposes and confronts him.
    That person who resides close to his enemy, then his body wastes away would sorrow and he becomes lean and thin.
    That person who always remains unhappy, then that which makes him happy or gives him pleasure would never be known.
    That person, who is not in the habit of being civil, is set right by maltreatment.
    That person damages his faculty of reason, who finds pleasure in everything he does.
    That person who adopts certain principles in any big venture than those principles become established in his life.
    Whosoever is ruled by his tongue, then he should be made aware of his destruction and his decision of death is made by it.
    That person who does not have high hopes, his actions are true.
    That person who when praised is thankful to those that praise him, in reality that is not thankfulness but a joke.
    That person, who quickly answers a question with no consideration, is generally blinded to the consequences his actions would lead to.
    That person who is careless though he has the knowledge of becoming wealthy, soon realises he can never attain that wealth.
    That person, who cannot keep his own secret, would certainly not be able to keep the secret of others.
    That person, who has ill thoughts, would always look suspiciously at others.
    That person who does not respect himself, then he should not expect to be respected by others.
    That person who cannot make peace with himself can never bring about peace between others.
    That person, who does not benefit from his own alertness, cannot benefit from the vigilance of his protectors.
    That person who is not grateful to the assistance of someone, then he should not expect to receive assistance form that source again.
    That person who cannot see the damage caused by evil soon finds himself caught in that same evil.
    That person who does not see the advantages of being a good Samaritan, then he will not possess the strength to do a person a good favour.
    It is a great misfortune upon the virtuous and honourable people that they have to, for the sake of hospitality and courtesy behave towards the evil and wicked people.
    To do good towards the creation of Almighty Allah SubHanuhu wa Ta'ala in that manner that really portrays one as really grateful to the Supreme Creator SubHanuhu wa Ta'ala. One cannot find a better method.
    That person who is free from sin becomes valiant and courageous, and that person who has any defect becomes a very big coward.
    That person who regards tomorrow as the day he would die, experiences no troubles when death really approaches him.
    That work or action that is not permissible in public, most likely is not permissible in private.
    To follow the commands of Allah SubHanuhu wa Ta'ala cannot be obtained except by compulsion.
    The essence of knowledge is to know while the essence of doing a person a favour is based on not reminding that person of that favour.
    That person whose knowledge exceeds his common sense becomes a nuisance to him.
    The friendship of a fickle person becomes distant over a small and distant word.
    That difficulty that possesses the hope of reward is better than that gift for which one is ungrateful.
    To distance yourself from that Salaah (prayer) with total confidence is better than to complete the Salaah under suspicion.
    Keep your distance from mischievous women and also be wary of gentlemen.
    To give advice in front of people is one form of censure.
    The friendship of the ignorant is inconsistent and changeable.
    That poor relative that meets his fellow relatives is better than that wealthy person who severs all ties with his relatives.
    The soundness of religion lies in the destruction of material values.
    Until you are totally aware of a person’s nature do not put your trust in his nobility.
    Do not look down upon anyone until you have spoken to him.
    Though one finds no joy in it, one should continue doing good deeds.
    Do not think ill of that which you have no knowledge of. It may be possible that their is still information outstanding which had not reached you. If you cannot find a deserving person worthy of friendship do not befriend an unworthy person.
    A person of knowledge, though he may be in a despicable condition, does not think of him in a disgraceful manner. Though a fool may be in bad company do no think bad of him.
    Do not show pleasure in somebody’s downfall, for you have no knowledge of what the future holds in store for you.
    Do not be trustworthy of enemies’ good manners, for no matter how much one may use fire to heat water, yet it is enough to douse it.
    There is no generosity surrounding the circumstances of poverty, likewise there is no relationship of greed with good health.
    Difficulties are confronted with patience, and the protection of Allah ’s SubHanuhu wa Ta'ala gifts is being grateful.
    There is no greater truth than death and there is no greater lie than to raise ones hopes.
    There are very few that have not caused harm to themselves by rush and hasty decisions, likewise it is a strange occurrence when a patient person is not successful.
    Little knowledge is the consequence of animosity in good deeds and sound knowledge is dependent on sound knowledge.
    When one takes what rightfully belongs to him, he should not be enraged although he should safeguard himself from misappropriating somebody else’s rights or belonging.
    When a road is open towards peace from freedom then it is foolish to stay in fear and bondage.
    Just as it is unpleasant to say something ignorant, likewise there is no benefit in staying silent knowing the truth.
    An honest man though the generosity of truth reaches such a status that can never be attained by a lying untruthful deceitful and cunning person.
    A person’s intelligence is ascertained by the charm of eloquence of his speech while his respectability is ascertained by the resolve of his actions.
    Seek refuge in Allah SubHanuhu wa Ta'ala from the mischief of wealth and opulence for it is such a long mischief, that it becomes too late when one realises it.
    Safeguard yourself from the company of immorality and sin for vices very quickly become habits.
    The people have turned their attention away from obtaining ilm (knowledge – in this case religious knowledge) because they see an Alim (religious leader – priest) who does not practise on his education.
    To bestow gifts timorously, without delaying is the habit of the honourable, while to seek vengeance hastily is not amongst the characteristics of the respectable.
    Even if the Almighty creator Allah SubHanuhu wa Ta'ala had not made unlawful things unlawful, the wise and intelligent would still refrain from the unlawful.
    Though the World may be in the possession of a person yet he never attains it.
    Speech presents itself with a few evils. The speaker requires time and opportunity.
    There is offering of Alms (sadqa) for every facet in life, and the charity of reasoning, Intelligent and wisdom is to exercise tolerance and forbearance towards the ignorant and foolish.
    That person has caused you a great harm, who had praised you and shown you respect through you are deserving of it.
    Whosoever has shown you dishonour and contempt and if you are wise then verily that person had done you a great favour.
    It is better to follow in a good deed that to lead in a bad deed.
    Your nafs will do that which you have befriended it to.
    That person for whom you painstakingly go out of your way to be hospitable and entertaining cannot really be your brother.
    One can never know and understand the feeling of good fortune until he tastes misfortune.
    Do not exceed the boundaries of bravery nor entirely surrender yourself by giving up hope.
    There is no fault or shame in journey. The sinful thing is that a man is subjected to obligation in his own native country.
    The person who exceeds the boundaries of politeness towards you has in actuality done you a grave wrong.
    Make your peace with your creator so that the hereafter becomes peaceful for you, and live harmoniously with one another so that you do not destroy the World.
    Tolerance and placidity is not that, when one is need and overpowered the he remains silent and when he becomes powerful then he seeks vengeance.
    The sign that a servant is showing pleasure towards his creator is when he shows pleasure in whatever fate decrees to him.
    For the seeing there is a lesson in every glance and an experience in every advise.
    The best deed that shows gratefulness to Almighty Allah SubHanuhu wa Ta'ala gifts is to share it with others.
    A sin committed deliberately is not deserving of forgiveness.
    To lessen gratefulness disinclines a benefactor to assist.
    If one does not know the answer to a question it is better to be honest and say you do not know, for by saying so one actually has half the knowledge to the question, but do not think great of the fact that you do not know.
    Kill the desires of the heart with education and knowledge and kill your anger with tolerance and forbearance.
    How can a person be happy with his age when every second added to it shortens it? Also how can a person be proud of the wellbeing of his body when it is a lifelong sign of wretchedness?
    Very few wishes are fulfilled and misfortunes are sometimes turned to fortunes.
    Sometimes you travel weapon less and sometimes dreams come true.
    If the fear of death is close to your heart then the pride of false hopes will never come near or overpower it.
    To agree on every word is a sign of a hypocrite while to disagree on every word is open signs of hostility and animosity.
    Silence is an adornment of beauty for an 'Alim and a veil against ignorance for the ignorant.
    Save yourself from the betrayal of a friend and the overpowering of an enemy.
    Do not put your trust in fake promises for it is an investment of the foolish.
    Disobedience and debauchery are the reasons that bring down punishment and the wrath of Allah SubHanuhu wa Ta'ala, so steer clear of it.
    Shorten that speech which you seem to draw pleasure from, for this is better on your behalf and is a sign of excellence and marvel.
    Do not be ensnared by any talk of a mischievous person and do not isolate yourself from an honourable person because of his sternness or a minor fault.
    It is hard to fathom why we require that which is always in the hands of a vile person.
    The person who has the power to do the best deeds is that person who has complete control over his temper.
    The greatest lecture is when a person looks at a graveyard and gains a lesson from it.
    The greatest sin is that sin which looks minor in the eyes of the sinful.
    The rights exercised by mercy rightfully belong to three people: a) An 'Alim on whom the ignorant rule. b) The honourable and respectable person who is ruled by a vile and wicked ruler. c) That pious person who is subdued by an evil person.
    The rarities of the World are truth and trustworthiness while falsehood and untrustworthiness is in abundance.
    The best speech is that speech that is backed by sincere action.
    The greatest difficulties are on that person whose expectations are extremely high, benevolence high and abilities low.
    The most foolish person is he who thinks ill of the meanness of another yet finds no qualms in emulating that person.
    We are very thankful to the gifts bestowed by Allah SubHanuhu wa Ta'ala such that to commit an act of sin arduous to the people.
    Very the dead are in the earth’s stomach and the sick are on its back (i.e. The dead are buried while the living are embraced with difficulties)
    Verily poverty is demeaning to the soul, proper for the mind, and increases sorrow and anxiety.
    Verily big ideas cross the mind from time to time yet sound wisdom keeps it in check.
    Verily the best example in explaining the difference between this World and the hereafter is likened to a man with 2 wives, when he pleases one the other gets upset.
    Verily this World is a house full of difficulties. Whoever indulges quickly in it, and then difficulties afflict his life. Whoever is granted a little respite then he thinks of securing a livelihood or he is caught up in the separation of friends and relatives, close and dear.
    When wisdom is complete then speech becomes less.
    When you go away very far with great expectations then remind yourself with the sudden arrival of death.
    When speech becomes less, then man usually speaks the truth.
    When fear of Allah SubHanuhu wa Ta'ala enters your heart then hurry towards him and seek repentance, and if the fear of any creation enters your heart then run away from him.
    Everything of note gradually becomes less and every happiness becomes insignificant one day.
    Whenever Almighty Allah SubHanuhu wa Ta'ala loves a certain servant of his then he bestows upon him that guidance to take a lesson from the periods most dangerous and admonitory events.
    A respectable 'Alim adopts humility, but when a wicked person adopts knowledge then he commits bad deeds.
    When a person has a good character his speech becomes delicate and exquisite.
    If you cannot repay a favour, then at least show gratitude by thanking the person.
    When an ascetic (Zahid) runs away from the people then seek him out, but when an ascetic seeks the company of people then stay away from him.
    When you cannot fathom the wisdom of Almighty Allah SubHanuhu wa Ta'ala in certain things then do not add your fancy notions to it.
    When you cannot give the weak and oppressed anything then at least show mercy and kindness towards them.
    When you fear a command then enroll yourself into its obedience for the longer you fear the command the more difficult it becomes to execute or obey.
    When you identify certain good character traits that are common between you and another person then expect to find those qualities presenting itself.
    Those obligations which are compulsory upon you to fulfill, the onus to fulfill its obligations rests solely on you, and its obligations should not be shifted to others.
    The rewards bestowed upon a good deed are measured by the amount of effort that was put into it.
    That person who has not shown gratitude and thankfulness towards his fellow man, then he cannot be a person who would also show thankfulness to Almighty Allah SubHanuhu wa Ta'ala.
    The advice of the old is better than the strength and power of the young.
    The beauty of a persons face is truly an excellent gift of Almighty Allah SubHanuhu wa Ta'ala upon us.
    To become totally hopeless in attaining something is better than facing dishonour and disgrace in obtaining it.
    Flattering the praise is amongst the greater performances of the Devil.
    The best speech and conversation is that, which does not cause grief and burden upon the listener.
    Speak to a person according to his intellect.
    The wealth of the wicked is a burden upon all creation.
    The many conditions surrounding the kindness shown to ones siblings are such that it is imperative that you should never break those ties.
    Ilm (education) is that treasure whose treasury remains always stocked and overflowing and its necessitude of fortune does not cause it any damage.
    Wisdom is that tree that is planted in the heart, grows in the mind and bears fruit on the tongue.
    The clear and apparent road is the road of truth and charity.
    If one overcomes his enemy then forgiving him is a way of showing gratitude to Almighty Allah SubHanuhu wa Ta'ala.
    Those who have supported falsehood then it is as if they have oppressed the truth.
    To outwardly put on a character of niceties and inwardly hold malice is bad for a person.
    The fire of conflict withers away the saplings of justice.
    Those who don’t protect freedom are soon imprisoned by slavery.
    The protectors of injustices against freedom become imprisoned with slavery.
    When wisdom becomes complete then speech is reduced.
    The counsel of the elderly is more extensive than the show of strength of the young.
    People leave out certain foodstuff for the fear of ill health but they never think of abstaining from sin for the fear of Allah SubHanuhu wa Ta'ala.
    Contentment is the biggest wealth.
    The person who does not learn a lesson from his experiences soon discovers his faculty of thought vanishes.
    The tolerance shown on the talks of the ignorant is its Zakah.
    The greatest wealth is intelligence and the greatest poverty is stupidity in the World.
    The greatest breach of trust in the World is treachery against a nation.
    There is no greater honour and dignity than absistence.
    Impatience does not change the decisions of Almighty Allah SubHanuhu wa Ta'ala, but the reward for patience is however forfeited.
    'Alim is that person who acts upon what he preaches.
    Religion (Islam) is a treasure and 'Ilm (knowledge) is the route to it.
    Knowledge is greater than wealth, because you take care and protect your wealth, while knowledge takes care and protects you. Knowledge is governing while wealth is governed. By dispersing it, wealth is lessened while knowledge is increased.

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